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Infrared Heat Shoes

The Haoyang’s infrared heat shoes are suitable for users troubled by rheumatic arthritis, frostbite on feet or poor blood circulation.

The series mainly go to three categories:
1. Indoor shoes products. Heating plates locate at the inside bottom of the shoes, keeping user warm from feet upward.
2. Outdoor shoes products. The outdoor shoes feature 3-level temperature selecting functionality, with a high level of 60°C to satisfy demands from users troubled by rheumatic arthritis and frostbite on feet, a medium level of around 50°C suitable for women users to protecting their feet and body health, and a 40°C low temperature mainly used by men users. Customers may freely choose the level that fulfill their requirements.
3. Snow boot products. The snow boots have great water resistance, secure a 10-hour heating after charging overnight, and feature convenient wearing and repairing.

We also support customization of various shoe model and shoe style according to clients’ demands.