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Infrared Therapy Waist Belt Guard

The infrared therapy waist belt guard can be applied to physiotherapies treating slipped disc, postpartum protection, lumbar muscle strain, stomach cold, dysmenorrhea and body cold.

The infrared therapy waist belt guard adopts carbon fiber as heat generating elements to receive high flame retardance and support working under water.

Super soft materials with high fiber density are applied to manufacture the waist guard, resulting in satisfactory heat preserving capability and comfortable user experience .

Top class dyeing craftsmanship is applied to the protective gear, resulting in vivid colors and strong fading resistance.

Superior sewing techniques are adopted to add to the durability of the waist protector.

The waist guard features a multi-level temperature selecting function to achieve convenient and safe use.

The waist protecting gear can be charged by portable power bank, enhancing it portability and convenience in usage at home or outdoors.

Texture, size and color of the therapy waist belt guard can be customized.

The infrared therapy waist belt is suitable for following users:
1. Users whose job includes long term standing or sitting, such as drivers, clerks and salesperson.
2. Users with a cold body and thus need to keep their waist warm and in good shape, including postpartum, underwater workers, workers working in freezing environments, etc.
3. Users suffering from slipped disc, sciatica and lumbar hyperosteogeny.
4. Overweight users, who may benefit from the waist guard to save effort or control their food intake.

Model: HY-11000160-005
Voltage: 5V
Current: 2A
Dimensions: 1100*160mm

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