Far Infrared Heating Solution

Haoyang selects imported carbon fiber as the raw material to manufacture our heat generating chips. Carbon fiber is a heat generating material that saves energy and protects the environment. The chips we develop are capable of reaching working temperature within 2 minutes after start of service, and bear strong radiation and convection effects. The power conversion rate of the chips is up to 98%; they are 40% more energy-efficient than traditional electric heat generator. The product using our chips features long service life, and offers health protection functions.

Carbon fiber is a new fiber material with high intensity and great modulus. The material bears excellent traits such as smaller density than aluminum, strong fatigue endurance, median electric and thermal conductance between metal and non-metal and superior erosion resistance. Far infrared ray is generated when carbon fiber is heated to over 45°C.

Far infrared ray has strong ability to penetrate and radiate. After being absorbed by human body, the ray causes water molecules to resonate and activate, which strengthens the combining force among molecules, leading to activation of biomacromolecules like protein. Resonance of molecules delivers thermal energy of far infrared ray deep into human skin to raise the temperature. The heat generated diffuses outward to enlarge capillary vessels, boost blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance the regeneration capacity of organism and strengthen human immune system, and thus protects and promotes users’ health.

Our heating chips support customization according to clients’ requirements.

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