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Infrared Heating Therapy Chest Guard

The infrared heat therapy chest guard adopts carbon fiber as heat generating elements to achieve high flame retardance and support working under water.

Super soft materials with high fiber density are applied to the protective gear, leading to satisfactory heat preserving capability and comfortable user experience .

Top class dyeing craftsmanship is applied to the chest protector, resulting in vivid colors and strong fading resistance.

Superior sewing techniques are adopted to enhance the durability of the protective gear.

The chest guard features a multi-level temperature selecting function to ensure convenient and safe use.

We support customization of texture, size and color of the heating therapy chest guard.

Model: HY-XXLOX0M0-002
Voltage: 5V
Current: 2A
Temperature: <70°C

The infrared heat therapy chest guard speeds up metabolism, boosts blood circulation, strengthens immune systems, regulates autonomic nervous functions, soothes arthritis performs skin care, prevent cyclomastopathy and promote forebreast blood ciculation.

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