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Infrared Heated Trousers

The infrared heated trousers support wet cleaning, emit no radiation, use 5V/12V safe voltage, adopt multi-level temperature selecting function and intelligent homoiothermy techniques.

The heat clothing feature uniform heat generation, convenient wearing and wide compatibility with people of various figure.

Infrared ray heat generating chips are embedded in both side of the trousers from top to bottom, resulting in a large heating area that keeps your lower body warm and comfortable, and offers therapeutic effect to multiple chronic diseases.

The texture, size and color of the heated trousers can be customized.

Model: HY-XXLOX0M0-006
Voltage: 5V/12V
Current: 2A/3A
Temperature: <70°C

The infrared heated trousers can pump up metabolism, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, regulate autonomic nervous system, sooth arthralgia and perform skin care on the users.

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