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First established in 2001 in the Shilata Industrial Area, Dongguan City, an area known for its outstanding business resources, the Dongguan Haoyang Carbon Fiber Heat Generator Manufacturer is a manufacturer dedicated to the growing popularity of fiber heat generators used in a variety of applications. By carrying out independent design, research, development, manufacturing and sales, we can ensure our products are safe, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and feature a great electricity conversion rate of more than 98%.

Haoyang is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of infrared ray heat (FIR) generators using carbon nanotube fiber used for a variety of products, including infrared heating blankets, far infrared therapy pads, infrared heating carpets, infrared heat therapy neck guards, infrared heat therapy shoulder guards, infrared heat therapy waist guards, infrared heat therapy knee guards, infrared heat therapy elbow guards, infrared heating cushions, far infrared heat clothing, foot warmer snow boots, and more. Each product features an outstanding heat generating and radiating effect, as well as a great energy efficient performance, and environmental protection performance that is safe. Our research and development has earned us multiple patents for FIR light heating products, as well as state authority certification, FCC certification and CE certification. With an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 2 million products, we are becoming a popular name both at home and abroad.

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Dongguan Haoyang Carbon Fiber Heat Generator Manufacturer Co. Ltd.