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Foot Warmer Snow Boots

The foot warmer snow boots apply multi-function synthesized fabric capable of absorbing and quickly volatilizing perspiration to keep feet dry and comfortable. The boots thus ensure safety and comfort of the feet during outdoor sports.

Multi-function synthesized fabric used to manufacture the snow boots offers windproof and waterproof functions.

The sole of the boots is made with high quality rubber and adopts a multi-angle grain design that provides fine vibration resistance and abrasion endurance, aiding the boots to accustom to various complicated landforms.

An inner cotton lining with far infrared ray heating system is attached to keep feet warm and protect users’ health.

The foot warmer snow boots supports customization of texture, size and color according to clients’ specification.

Model: HY-35004500-003
Voltage: 3.7V
Current: 2A
Size: 35/37/39/41/43/45
Temperature: 80°C/3-level temperature selecting system

The foot warmer snow boots excites metabolism, speeds up blood circulation, strengthens immune system, regulates autonomic nervous functions, soothes arthritis and performs skin care upon the users.

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