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Far Infrared Therapy Pad

The far infrared therapy pad is manufactured with carbon nanotube fiber silks, which features uniform heat generating functionality, strong heating endurance and electromagnetic wave-free nature.

The pad uses aviation plugs or four row plugs, whose waterproof and electricity leakage protecting capability ensures safe operation.

The therapy pad is designed with a safe voltage of 24V and supports wet cleaning to secure danger-free use.

Intelligent homoiothermy techniques are applied to achieve a more uniform heating distribution during service.

The heating pad supports customization of its texture, size and color.

Model: HY-1800700-008
Voltage: 24V
Power: 120W
Dimensions: 1800*700mm

The far infrared therapy pad is capable of pumping up metabolism, accelerating blood circulation, strengthening immunity system, regulating autonomic nervous functions, soothing arthritis and performing skin care.

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