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Infrared Heating Cushion

The infrared heating cushion is made with carbon nanotube fiber silks, which features uniform heat generating functionality, strong heating endurance and electromagnetic wave-free property.

The cushion adopts aviation plugs or four row plugs, ensuring safe operation through wheir waterproof and electricity leakage protecting capability. Safe usage of the cushion is further guaranteed by its 24V safe voltage and wet cleaning supporting feature.

Intelligent homoiothermy techniques are applied to the cushion, resulting in a more uniform temperature during service.

The heating cushion supports customization of its texture, size and color.

Model: HY-1800700-008
Voltage: 12V
Current: 3A
Dimensions: 500*450mm

The infrared heating cushion excites metabolism, speeds up blood circulation, enhances immunity, regulates autonomic nervous functions, soothes arthritis and performs skin care upon the users.

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