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Infrared Heating Blanket

The infrared heating blanket is weaved using carbon fiber silks, featuring uniform heat generating capability, strong heating endurance and electromagnetic wave-free nature.

The blanket adopts aviation plugs or four row plugs, ensuring security through its waterproof and electricity leakage protecting capability.

The heating blanket has a safe voltage of 24V, supports wet cleaning, securing safe use.

Intelligent homoiothermy techniques are applied to achieve a more uniform temperature during heating.

The heat pad supports customization of its texture, size and color.

The infrared heating blanket is suitable for users including senior citizens, gravida, babies and kids, people of hypoimmunity, people with cardiovascular or cerebralvascular diseases, rheumatism or osteoarthritis, or female users who pay attention to their skin conditions.

Model: HY-20001500-003
Voltage: 24V
Power: 120W
Dimensions: 2000*1500mm

The infrared heating blanket can pump up metabolism, speed up blood circulation, improve immunity, regulate autonomic nervous system, sooth arthritis and perform skin care.

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