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Far Infrared Heat Pads

The Haoyang’s far infrared heat pads series consist of products such as heating blankets, therapy pads, heating cushions, etc. Main features of the heat pad series include the following:

1. The heat pad series adopt a less-than-24V potential as regular working voltage to ensure high security; they also support water cleaning during service without raising faults such as short circuit or electricity leakage. Further more, the heater will keep working and automatically dry up the moisture.

2. Strong flame retardance is possessed by materials used to manufacture the heating unit, such as carbon nanotube fiber and wool, as well as switch components.

3. No electromagnetic wave radiation will generate during service, leading to multiple advantages of our heat generating pads, including energy efficiency, environmental protection, no attenuation and great security. The infrared waves emitted from the pads resemble those generated by humans, so they are easy to absorb.

4. The heat pad series enjoy a high heating efficiency, are capable of producing anions, and bear deodorization function. Meanwhile, coral velvet is applied to manufacture the pads, resulting in a soft and smooth touching sense; the backing material of the heating unit equips an skid-proof design to achieve high anti-skid property.

Our company designs and manufactures heating blankets with health protection utilities of various dimensions, and supports customization of colors and patterns.