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Infrared Heat Therapy Shoulder Guard

The infrared heat therapy shoulder guard is safe, energy-efficient, environment protecting, electromagnetic wave-free and attenuation-free.The protective gear has a soothing effect on users troubled by periarthritis, shoulder pain and omarthralgia.

The infrared heat therapy neck guard uses carbon fiber as heat generating elements, which features high flame retardance and supports working under water.

Super soft materials with high fiber density are applied to manufacture the shoulder protector, resulting in satisfactory heat preserving capability and comfortable user experience.

The neck guard adopts top class dyeing techniques to receive vivid colors and strong resistance against fading.

Fine sewing techniques are introduced to enhance the durability of the protective gear.

The shoulder guard has a multi-level temperature adjusting utility to achieve convenient and safe use.

The multi-function shoulder guard can reliably protect cervical vertebra and shoulder vertebra, promote blood circulation in forebreast and prevent cyclomastopathy.

Texture, size and color of the heating protective gear can be customized.

The infrared heat therapy neck guard is suitable for users who:
1. suffer from neck pain caused by insomnia or low sleeping quality
2. suffer from stiff necks due to long term, frequent use of smart phones
3. suffer from a sore neck because of long time, continuous work.
4. suffer from long term neck diseases rendered from aging.

Model: HY-10600250-002
Voltage: 5V
Current: 2A
Dimensions: 850*50mm

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