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Infrared Heating Protective Gear

Haoyang’s infrared heating protective gear series can regulate nervous systems, accelerate blood circulation and excite metabolism through heat radiation generated by far infrared ray. The protective gear series work effectively in diminishing inflammation and soothing pain. This series mainly include shoulder guard, waist guard, chest guard, neck guard, knee guard, etc.

Shoulder guard: This shoulder guard is capable of protecting cervical vertebra and shoulder vertebra, boosting blood circulation in the frontal chest and preventing cyclomastopathy.

Waist guard: The waist guard is a protector with a 12V working voltage, enjoying soft and fitting texture, easy-to-equip nature and embedded packages containing traditional medicine. The waist protective gear integrates within itself digital display function, as well as controlling and regulating function that can set its working temperature and service time span, with various options available.

We also offer tiny neck guards that are convenient to carry and use.

Besides, elbow and knee guards with far infrared ray heating capability are also available. The protective gear series protect users’ elbows and knees, treat related diseases, and feature convenient equipping and wide applicability.